Who Are We?

Victory Media Marketing is a multi-platform company with a reach of more than 2.2 million listeners, users, and readers. In fact, we offer more advertising opportunities than any other multimedia company in the region. With websites, magazines, and a radio station at our fingertips, we can customize an advertising package that reaches your target audience.

Our local, event-themed content and programming connect your brand to residents and tourists of every age and interest.

We are the Highland Lakes

We live here, work here, play here, and have built our business here. Victory Media has helped market and promote Highland Lakes businesses for over 35 years. We strive to not only be a part of the community we love but also to help shape and grow it for the future.

Our Experience

Victory Media has been creating content and marketing campaigns through its own local optimized newspaper, magazine, radio, and directory platforms for more than 35 years. Moving content online was a natural transition and has grown our company into an SEO engine. We understand that content marketing and content delivery give Victory Media customers an advantage when looking to increase their online presence and reach. We help you make sense of positioning your business online in today’s ever-changing and connected marketplace.


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Contact Us

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